16 Going on 17

 You are sixteen going on seventeen
Baby, it´s time to think
Better beware, be canny and careful
Baby, you´re on the brink

High school is, as I’m told, a beautiful time of change and transformation. It’s that middle ground leading into adulthood when we truly begin to find ourselves in this mess of a world. It’s when we begin to discover who we truly are. I call bull crap.

Yeah, it’s a time of “change and transformation,” but it’s certainly not beautiful. High school sucks sometimes. Ok, most of the time. It’s that point in your life when you’re not exactly a child anymore, but you’re not exactly an adult either. So sometimes you’re given a mass amount of responsibility, and sometimes you’re too young to handle it. It’s almost as if adults are as confused about this whole thing as you are.

As a teenager, you’re just beginning to break out of your cocoon, but you’re not exactly a butterfly yet either. You’re stuck in this mass whirlwind of confusion about who you are and where you want the rest of your life to take you, and, to add to the chaos, society sets these predestined idea of who and what you’re supposed to be. So you sit in the middle of this tornado questioning what’s true and what you were told is true. And it’s like this for a good 4 years. (College is a whole other story.)

It does have its ups though. Yes it’s a time of confusion, and, yes, it sucks. But they say you can’t truly prosper unless you face adversity first. So maybe, just maybe, the struggle is worth it.

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