The Epic Battle: Nature vs Nurture

So a little while ago in AP Lang we talked about an article we had to read on what makes a serial killer. It talked about how genetics effect these people’s personalities and mentalities, which, in turn, impacts their outward actions. And it sort of got me thinking about a topic that absolutely fascinates me: psychology!

A question came to mind as I was sitting their contemplating the human brain: nature vs nurture? And I, again, started thinking. Why do we treat nature and nurture like they’re two completely separate entities? Yes, they are ENTIRELY different, but they work hand in hand to develop who we are as people.

I personally think that our genetics play a more overpowering factor in developing who we are, as one of my classmates said, genetics lay out the pieces and it’s up to our environment to fit them together to form our personalities. Genetics and our environment work together to form a final outcome.

For example, two people born into the exact same environment typically grow up to be two entirely different people. This is because their genetics predestined them to turn out a number of ways, and their environment from the time they were young pushed them in one of those directions. It tips the scale.

Food for thought on this topic: a study was done a while ago that showed the same sociopathic tendencies and markers found in serial killer identified as sociopaths found in politicians as well. So it’s an interesting idea to think about. Someone understood to be sociopath, depending on the environment they’re born into and the genetics effecting the other aspects of their personality, could grow up to be a man on death row or a successful businessman.

It’s interesting to think that I could have grown up to be essentially an entirely different person if I was raised in a different environment. Who could I have turned out to be if I was born in a different home? With a different familial background? In a different culture?

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