All’s Fair in Love and War

As everyone knows, yesterday (January 7th), Iran bombed an Iraqi base housing US troops. There was a mass number of casualties, and it was all over the news. And the situation got me thinking of how jacked up this world is.

We’re so filled with hate and malice that we find the only means to fulfill our greedy desires is to hurt and kill. War is such an ugly thing and sometimes it feels like that’s all we as human-beings know how to do. And truly it kills me inside.

If we, for a moment could stop and remember that, at the end of the day, we’re all human, maybe we wouldn’t be so hateful towards each other. If we just remembered that every single soul on this planet has a beating heart that pumps blood through it’s veins, organs, skin, and flesh; that every being on this planet has a mother and a father, something to love it, then maybe we’d see we have so much more in common than we may initially think.

The world is filled with so many beautiful, interesting people. Everyone of them has a story to tell, and love to share, but we’re all also filled with hate and disdain for someone or something out there. We feel so against them that we think the only answer is to do everything that could possibly hurt them. And we forget how similar yet unique; how beautiful we all truly are.

I’ve always thought that the world would be so much better a place if hate and malice didn’t plague mankind, but I suppose that would be Heaven.

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