Innermost Sanctum

Your bedroom: 
the inner most sanctum
to all your personal belongings.

It's where you keep
your memories,
your hobbies
and joys.

It's where you go
when you're at your most broken;
where you sleep
when you're most in need of rest.

Your bedroom:
a reflection of your
deepest fears and desires.

A reflection of your mental state;
a reflection of your heart.

When your head is wrecked with worries and sorrows,
fears and hatred.

When it's black,
dark desires
drip slowly into your blood stream,

flowing down through your veins
into the deepest
most sanctum of your inner temple:
your heart.

It shows.

Maybe not
in your outward

Maybe not in the way you treat others,

how you dress,
how you take care of yourself.

It shows in your room.

It reflects outwardly
into the private quarters
of your deepest sanctums.

The heart of your home.

Cover by Santosh Raut.

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