The Media Sucks, Change my Mind

Honestly, I hate the news. Literally everything about it. All it does is remind us of all the problems in the world that everyone is already facing. People talk about desensitization to violence and so on, saying video games and TV shows are causing us to find these things normal. But, if anything, one might argue that the news and public media do that to us more so than anything fictional.

We become desensitized to things not on purpose, no one does it willingly, but to help us cope with the graphic nature of the things we see daily. Some of us struggle with using this coping mechanism more than others. Now, whether I’m one of said people or not, I know that I for a fact can not handle watching the news. So I don’t.

Perhaps that’s a bad thing, perhaps the opposite.

Truthfully, though, if media only showed all of the good things going on in the world it would be just as bad as it currently is. We need an equal balance of good and bad to keep us on our toes. Call me a masochist, but we both know I’m right.

It’s good to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world, be it COVID cases, the current election, or some other torturous story the media projects. But it’s equally as important to keep up with the positivity in this world as well. Don’t shelter yourself, but don’t depress yourself either.

So with that, dear readers, take care to maintain your mental balance. Find your positivity in the little things. Best of luck out there, soldier.

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