I think I found my new favorite meal.

Around noon today I started watching Magnolia Table from Joanna Gaines with my mom. In the first episode she makes fatayer with Lebanese salad and baklava. We decided to mix up our meal plan and make it too, and boy it was good!

The fatayer is literally just biscuits flattened out and filled with hamburger meat and hashbrowns, then folded in. The salad is cucumber, tomatoes, and onion marinated in lemon juice.

We didn’t have any hashbrowns for the fatayer, so we sliced up some potatoes and put them in like that.

Since we seemed to be in the mood to mix up some cultures today we made brocheta served with pita chips, and bought a danish from Aldi’s.

This was honestly one of the most filling meals I’ve ever had. I didn’t feel so full I could pass out like during Thanksgiving, just thoroughly like I had enough food to sustain me.

I know I’m not a food blogger or anything, but I really hope you’ll try out this dish. It was so good!


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