Stars Like Fireworks

The sun comes up another day.Sending her rays across the open fields, casting shadows with the trees, making puppets with their branches.The moon goes down, sinking in to soft sleep once again.The stars follow him, not twinkling across the black sheet of night.Like fireworks' sparks they fizzle out.The sun is a star too though.She does … Continue reading Stars Like Fireworks


Death is a Close Friend of Mine

Death is a close friend of mine.I know him well,But I'm still not quite used to the ringing of his bell.He shows up,However unexpected, Cooly, always calm and collected.He perches on my doorLike a bird,Sitting and waiting,Quiet and unheard.His wings lift up black and feathered, quickly and untethered.And away he flaps those wings, all as … Continue reading Death is a Close Friend of Mine