Stars Like Fireworks

The sun comes up another day.Sending her rays across the open fields, casting shadows with the trees, making puppets with their branches.The moon goes down, sinking in to soft sleep once again.The stars follow him, not twinkling across the black sheet of night.Like fireworks' sparks they fizzle out.The sun is a star too though.She does … Continue reading Stars Like Fireworks


Books Are Easier to Read Than People

Books are easier to read than people.Words on a page hold more merit   than expressions on a face.Lines and stanzas and paragraphs.They have form,   linking together to form coherent memories. But people-   they make no logical sense.Their decisions are fueled by hidden motives.Their faces pose as masks,   the closest contender to showing their true expression.Mouths … Continue reading Books Are Easier to Read Than People


Brain is screaming,My head is spinning.Words fly through my thoughts;An endless garble of chaos. I hear someone calling my name-Ooh, is that a butterfly? No. Focus. Keep focus.Pay attention. Listen. Focus.Psychology is the study of-Crap, did I forget my homework? I think I have an essay due on Monday- No. Stop it! Listen.Focus your thoughts, … Continue reading Focus.