Books Are Easier to Read Than People

Books are easier to read than people.Words on a page hold more merit   than expressions on a face.Lines and stanzas and paragraphs.They have form,   linking together to form coherent memories. But people-   they make no logical sense.Their decisions are fueled by hidden motives.Their faces pose as masks,   the closest contender to showing their true expression.Mouths … Continue reading Books Are Easier to Read Than People


Brain is screaming,My head is spinning.Words fly through my thoughts;An endless garble of chaos. I hear someone calling my name-Ooh, is that a butterfly? No. Focus. Keep focus.Pay attention. Listen. Focus.Psychology is the study of-Crap, did I forget my homework? I think I have an essay due on Monday- No. Stop it! Listen.Focus your thoughts, … Continue reading Focus.