Amongst the Winter Storm

Have you ever noticed that the cold seems to be much more lasting than the heat? I suppose cold is merely the absence of heat. Without heat the cold itself would be non-existent. Then again, nothing exists without its counterpart, so heat couldn’t exist without the cold.

Heat is one of our most proactive sources of energy. Heat is constantly active; moving and spreading out. Reaching out to it’s cold counterparts until it itself too becomes cold.

People often relate heat and it’s absence to humanity and the mental state of mankind. I’m sure you’ve seen poets compare the coldness of a dark winter night to death or to the deepest trenches of man’s mind. And, likewise, summer and warmth to happiness and serendipity.

But much like heat and it’s absence, man’s lowest points are merely the absence of his highest. The cold is much longer lasting, yes perhaps. But that’s only because it’s dormant; less moving, quiet. Winter is still, the birds chirp less, mankind hides inside by his fireplace, seeking out its warmth. And summer most often holds the opposite. Birds fly free through the sky, deer can be seen running through the woods, and man takes shelter on mother earth’s warm, sandy beaches.

But, though little, even in winter there is activity. Seen most often in the subtlety of deer prints across an open field, or in snow angels left behind from playing children. Though less than seen in warm summer days, there’s still activity to be found in the coldest depths of winter.

Perhaps Robert Frost has you convinced of the treacherous nature of winter, so keep in mind that even its snowy grasp is not everlasting, and life prevails even amidst its harshest storms. In much the same, you will prevail. No matter what hurricanes and snow storms you face, life always moves forward, and so will you.

Photo by me. 🙂


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