Light Like Fireflies

1. 2. 3.Lights blink out like fireflies;One by one they float into the night, Their bright fire dwindles out as they find their place among the stars.He takes them home, leaving their light to shine on forevermore.But here,Down below,Their warmth no longer radiates on,It leaves when the light blinks out its last.And we mourn;We mourn … Continue reading Light Like Fireflies

I think I found my new favorite meal.

Around noon today I started watching Magnolia Table from Joanna Gaines with my mom. In the first episode she makes fatayer with Lebanese salad and baklava. We decided to mix up our meal plan and make it too, and boy it was good! The fatayer is literally just biscuits flattened out and filled with hamburger … Continue reading I think I found my new favorite meal.