Light Like Fireflies

1. 2. 3.
Lights blink out like fireflies;
One by one they float into the night,
Their bright fire dwindles out
as they find their place among the stars.

He takes them home, leaving their light to shine on forevermore.

But here,
Down below,
Their warmth no longer radiates on,
It leaves when the light blinks out its last.

And we mourn;
We mourn their radiance and their love,
We mourn their shadows and their scars,
We mourn.

But their light lives on.
Like rubbing the dust off butterfly wings
as their days lost their numbers,
they tallied down, they touched our hearts.

Their light lives on, wrapping our hearts like a blanket,
it lives on in those whose lives they’ve touched.
Every smile and frown,
Each laugh and tear.
Every small step and leaping dance,
Their light covers the whole of this earth.

And it lives on above.
It lights up the glorious night sky,
Blinking in the everlasting night.

I wrote this poem this morning after learning that my aunt passed away not too long before. My aunt wasn’t able to receive life insurance because she had a disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Because of this my family has been left needing to fully pay for her funeral expenses while they’re still mourning. If you’d like to help out or learn more please donate to our GoFundMe if you can and share to help get the word out. Thank you so much in advance, it seriously means the world. Donate here:


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